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About Gospel F.A.C.T.S.

Although the Christian gospel does not change, human culture is continually changing. In order to communicate the gospel effectively, the gospel presentation needs to be in a form that the audience will understand. Hence, this presentation starts by explaining faith and its place in our world. The employment of an acronym is for the benefit of Christians to make it easier to memorise. But for everyone else, it serves to underscore that facts are not neutral, the observer's comes to them with his or her own faith to interpret them.

The video narration is in Australian English. If their is sufficient interest, and other English accents would be easier to understand, I can add other versions of the video with different AI generated voices. The acronym only works in English, so only the accent would be different.

God bless,
Derek Thompson

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About 5icm

Five Islands Christian Ministries Inc. is not a tropical paradise for retired Christian missionaries. It is an umbrella organisation for ecumenical ministries in the Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama local government areas (south of Sydney) in New South Wales, Australia. The region is called the Illawarra, but was formerly called the Five Islands District, due to the presence of five small islands off the coast.

5icm seeks to facilitate church unity in the region and serve the region by supporting the churches and ministering to the community with the love of God. Like many parts of the world that are  dominated by western culture, the church here struggles to engage with a culture that is becoming increasingly more distant from the Christian worldview. This website is a project of 5icm to connect the present generation with the reality of God's kingdom. Thus its target audience is not limited to our local area.

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